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Hi and welcome to my website “Best Sewing Machines” If you love sewing then this is the site for you. I intend to make it a premium site for all things sewing. I will be looking at all the sewing machines I can and reviewing them. I'll be trying Singer sewing machines, Janome sewing machines, industrial sewing machines, computerized sewing machines, cheap sewing machines and Bernina sewing machines to name a few of the sewing machines I will be looking at. I'll also be tryimg to answer the question "which is the best sewing machine for beginners".

I’ll basically be trying to get my hands on any sewing machine I can, especially trying to find out which is the best sewing machin. Cheap sewing machines or expensive sewing machines will all come under my scrutiny. I intend to populate the site with some excellent informative articles and tutorials; I’ll even be adding videos. Hopefully I’ll be able to dig up some sewing patterns and other sewing projects.

Over the coming months I intend to have a look at as many sewing machines as I can get my hands on, Janome, Singer, Brother and hand-held sewing machines will all be reviewed, and I'll be looking at sewing accessories that are available today.

There’s lots of factors involved in choosing a sewing machine and I’ll be examining them all. I have been sewing for over thirty five years so I’ve picked up a few good tips along my way which I’ll be sharing over the coming months and years. Have a look around and call back, I’ll be adding content weekly.