Friday, 19 November 2010

The Wonderful Pfaff Sewing Machine

Here's a short article about Pfaff sewing machines, Pfaff are an old well respected sewing machine manufacturer from Germany. As you'd expect with German ingenuity and innovation these sewing machines are well engineered and full of innovative designs.

Pfaff knows what they're doing. The company has been around for 140 years and still continues to amaze sewing machine users today. The Pfaff sewing machine delivers on its promise of quality, reliability and fun, and it has more than a century of development backing it up. But don't let the age of the company fool you; the newly developed Pfaff machine can keep up with the numerous trends that are popping up all over the market. Pfaff has developed their machines to be creative and at the same time easy to operate.

The perfect example of this is the Quilt Expression 4.0. This machine makes the age-old practice of quilting hip and fun. It has IDT technology that means absolutely even fabric feed from top to bottom. No more hassles of having to re-do your stitches because of unevenness even when working with multiple layers, so you can be sure that your stripes will always match. You have your pick of the different 9mm stitches that this Pfaff sewing machine offers. You can opt to mix and match, creating new looks that materialize right before your very eyes.

The large sewing plate with markings on both sides of the needle aid you in measuring your stitches, making sure they all have the right spacing. Bright lights illuminate the entire work area and are positioned in a way that casts no pesky shadows. The Pfaff sewing machine body itself is designed to have a large sewing space, so sewing big sized cloths for things like curtains and tablecloths will no longer be an issue. The foot pedal automatically stops when the needle is set to stop down in the event of a thread snip, or when the machine has reached the end of the cloth.

Pfaff has also taken care of all the small nuances when it comes to using sewing machines. There is stitch width safety and cut jump stitches, which automatically cuts embroidery jump stitches and pulls the thread tails to the underside of the fabric. The thread tension is electronically fixed and can be set for different types of stitches and embroideries. The feed dog is conveniently found at the front of the machine, and there is even an automatic thread snipper that knows when to cut both the bobbin and the top thread.

If these amazing features aren't enough, you can also incorporate your Pfaff sewing machine with your computer. Along with the Pfaff sewing machine that you buy comes 4D quickfont software that you can install into your computer to easily convert your fonts into embroidery text. There is also the 4D organizer, which organizes your design files, converts your designs into different formats, and much more. And last, but certainly not the least, you get a 1GB USB embroidery stick with your Pfaff sewing machine, so you can always have your designs with you no matter where you are.

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