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Essential sewing Machine Accessories

Having a good sewing machine opens up whole new worlds for you but getting the right sewing machine accessories will make your machine more powerful. With your own machine and a little imagination you can redesign your entire home and make clothes for yourself and your family. Imagine how great it is designing and making your own clothes. No longer a Wal-Mart clone but an individual wearing clothes no one else can get.

Soon as you start sewing though, as your skills improve you will come to realize that certain accessories will make productive sewing so much easier. These realizations come with experience, and believe me they will come.

Most machine come with a basic sewing kit and some accessories. If your machine doesn’t come with these things they can easily be bought pretty cheaply.

One essential accessory in my opinion and one I always recommend to my students is to buy a nice sewing box with plenty of little compartments for all the bits and bobs that sewists accumulate over time. If you’ve a tendency to be disorganized like me, sewing boxes are crucial. They will save you a lot of money in the long run as you’ll lose less items. They’ll also save you a lot of frustration.

Sewing machine accessories will make your life much easier. You don’t need to buy all the sewing machine accessories out there, many of them are not needed in my opinion. But there’s some sewing machine accessories which I consider essential to productive sewing.

Feet are one of the essential sewing machine accessories I would recommend. There are different feet for different specialist jobs, and while I wouldn’t recommend  buying more feet until you become a little more experienced. As your experience grows you will realise that you need different feet for some sewing jobs. Changing the feet is a part of sewing.

There’s so many great sewing machine accessories on the market today that make sewing so much easier and increase the scope of your machine to take on all kinds of jobs which, not so long ago, were beyond most sewing machines.