Hand Held Sewing Machines

Hand held sewing machines

For a small piece of equipment they come with quiet a few features, most of them are pre threaded and run off batteries. No wires to impede your sewing. The Rex Mini Sewing Machine is a perfect example of an excellent hand held sewing machine.

This machine is more than capable of handling most mending jobs and at under $20.00 it’s too good a bargain to miss. You have in your hand a machine that is incredible powerful. As well as bei9ng perfect for sewing buttons on and performing small repairs, it’s nice to show your daughter how to sew with.

It’s very light and easy to use. I was surprised by it ease of use and at how effective it is. To be honest, before using one of these hand held sewing machines I hadn’t given them a moment’s thought, now I’m hooked. I bought my own shortly after having a play with one that my friend had.. The price is just a giveaway, I mean under twenty dollars, there’s not much you can get for under twenty dollars these days.

I would definitely recommend you get one of these. They’ll save you a lot of time when doing little mending jobs. The one problem with the machine is with the thread tension. Many users are not getting this right and the problem is cause by the instructions that come with the Rex Mini Sewing Machine.

The manual tells you to thread the machine through the spring loaded capstan at the top to get the right thread tension. I found it easier to send the thread to the lowest position of the spring loaded capstan and pull the thread through manually.
What you need to remember about these little machines is that they are designed for quick fixes. They are not perfect and won’t work on thick fabrics.

 They’re also not very fast. Basically you wouldn’t attempt a full project with one of these. That said, they are excellent for small mending jobs, if one of your children has lost a button or torn some clothing, this machine will tackle it in no time.

I would definitely have a hand held sewing machine in my box, in fact I have. There are some frustrations with these machines to begin with. They can feel awkward when you first start to use them but practice makes perfect, and you soon get the hang of it.

The Good

  • Nice and handy.
  • Enables you to do quick sewing repairs without having to get your machine out.
  • Quiet strong for such a small machine.
  • On the spot repairs for small jobs
The Bad

  • Can feel a little cumbersom for inexperienced sewers and can take some getting used to.
  • Sometimes you may have to re-sew a piece of fabric if you haven't got the needle threaded right.
  • Does take a bit of getting used to.

Hand Held Sewing Machines Are For:

        People who want a mobile machine for instant repairs.

       Anyone who makes their own fabrics or clothes.

       If you re involved in chidren's sports events, like looking after sports kit, this is perfect for quick repairs.

All in all the hand-held sewing machine has lots of advantages. Once you get used to it it is worth having in your inventory especially if you need to do quick repairs. You will need to spend some time getting used to it. I would recommend practicing with the machine for a while on some old fbric, just to familiarize yourself with it before using it for real.

Hand held sewing machines are a great little add on to your sewing equipment. These little guys are now so sophisticated that they can fix most simple mending problems. No need to get your big machine out for minor repairs any more. A hand held sewing machine will handle them with ease.