The Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine

For over a 150 years singer sewing machines are synominous with quality and many people believe Singer make some of the best sewing machines on the market. The Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine continues in the great tradition of Singer sewing machines.  Innovative and making use of all the latest technology the 7470 brings to the home a sewing machine with functions that only a few years ago, would have only been available commercially.

                I find it truly amazing that you can now have a machine that contains so much and is capable of producing so much right in your home. It’s truly amazing. Let’s take a look at the Singer 7470 Confidence electronic sewing machine.

    The first thing that I need to point out is the sheer quality of this machine. This is really to be expected among all the range of Singer sewing machines.  It feels like a sewing machine and looks like it was built to last.

I remember my grandmother used to have an old singer  with a big metal footplate in the corner of her house. We used to play with it until she rebuked us and we had to leave it alone. The singer 7470 looks solid.

                It doesn’t just come with looks though, this sewing machine is full of cool features. There’s 146 built in stitches for starters which included the most popular utility stitches like zigzag, straight, blind hem, overcasting and the rest.

                The decorative stitches it contains are great and I have to say, my favourites. There’s an assortment of satin stitches, quilting and heirloom to get you going. The internal memory of the sewing machine allows you to save up to 20 stitch patterns. 

This is a handy feature to have and saves you a lot of time. An example of how you can use this is with monogramming.  If you just put the initials into the machine you can call on them any time you wish to use them.

                As you’d expect with singer, they know what sewers want and this machine gives it to them. It comes with push button stitch selection for the most popular stitches.-straight; zigzag, blind hem, overcasting, blanket and buttonhole are all able to be selected with the push of a button.   

                You get four Snap-On presser feet and three presser foot height settings. These are; down, up, and if you’re sewing thick fabrics you get extra-up.

                A really cool feature is the LCD screen. This is nice and bright, just how I like them and uses images to show stitches and settings and the push button control panel is very user friendly.

The needle position is variable for close sewing when you are doing zippers or cording and you can use the needle up/down button to instruct the machine where to leave the needle when you stop; a very useful feature. It has an automatic needle threader and drop and sew bobbing for easy set-up, as well as 13 needle positions.

                You can remove the extension arm for free arm sewing or for access to the drop feed dog lever and for free motion embroidery or quilting. Controlling which stitches are selected is easy with the twin needle button on the machine.

                The work space is good and very well lit with an LED bulb. The singer 7470 comes with a built in carrying handle that is attached to the top of the machine. You get a number of accessories as standard with the sewing machine including extra needles, bobbins, spool caps, seam ripper, screw driver, dust cover and an extra spool pin.

        Th  Confidence Supreme Sewing Machine all in all is an excellent machine for the price and will easily handle lots of different sewing projects without any problems. It lives up to the name that singer sewing machines have established over the years.

The Good

  • Solid Machine. This machine looks the business
  • Wonderful, well lit work area
  • Can handle thick fabrics
  • Plenty of stitches to choose from
  • Love the jam proof bobbin system
  • Free motion quilting
  • Needle up/down position
The Bad

  • Small decorative stitches
  • Despite it's robust build, it does include some plastic parts, so it's not quiet as solid as the old singers, but I suppose that's just a sign of the times.
  • Restricted to class 15j bobbins
  • You have to hold down the reverse stitch button
  • Twin needle capability but the twin needle doesn't come with the machine. you have to buy it separately.
     Stitch Selection

The Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic sewing machine represents good value for money and is at the top of the Confidence class of sewing machines. It's a machine that seems to satisfy most people especially beginners.

Experienced sewers may find the decorative stitches a little small but the machine comes with plenty of functions and represents good value for the price.

The manual is pretty good and informative. As with all sewing machines i would strongly recommend you buy from Amazon or a main dealer to ensure you get the warranty, and the peace of mind that you will be able to call on it if anything happens a years or so after purchasing it.

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