Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sewing A Homemade Clutch Wallet

Clutch wallets are amazingly designed convenient, small size wallets that are specially intended for women. Exclusively designed for the women who are always looking for a compact wallet that can be conveniently carried around unlike the large purse, these homemade clutch wallets are something that every woman should have.

Since wallets make an indispensable accessory for both men and women, choosing the right one suited to the occasion and according to your individual taste is most important. Since the function and purpose for carrying wallets defer for both men and women, women would love to have a small accessory in their hand that doesn't needs to be cluttered with all those credit cards, bills, checks, bank papers etc.

The compact size of the clutch wallet also makes it convenient to be kept inside the purse if you have good reasons for carrying your purse. They are the best accessory to be kept when you do not have the need for so many things other than cash for purposes like shopping. It can also be kept inside your hands safely and gives you more control over your cash.

Clutch wallets of different shapes, colors, designs and patterns are available in most of the accessory stores today to choose from. You can find the apt one that matches with your dress and the occasion. But if you wish to get the right clutch wallet of the right size and design that suit you, you can make one for yourself. You will need some important thing for making a clutch wallet at home such as an upholstery fabric, thread, fabric scissors, sewing machine and two metal clasps for the clutch.

After cutting out the fabric in a length of 10 inches and a width of 9 inches, you should fold the fabric's edge with a 1/4 inch that can be kept in its place with ironing.

After folding the edges over 1/4 inch, you should sew it in place. Similarly, cut another fabric piece in 8 inches, the edges of which has to be folded in 1/4 inch and ironed to fold in its place.

After lining up this 8 inch fabric piece with the 9 inch edges of the fabric, you can form a pocket with it by sewing down its edges. After sewing the clasp on the middle of the 9 inch edge of fabric, your wallet is ready to use.

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