Monday, 11 October 2010

Essential Items for Your Sewing Basket

A well stocked sewing basket should be an essential in every home; my grandma always had a sewing basket from which she could mend virtually anything. Today,

in our throwaway world, most homes won't have a sewing basket for emergency repairs, preferring to throw clothes away and buy new ones. This is a mistake and

I'm glad to see that sewing and embroidery are making a comeback. Many people are learning how to make their own clothes and home fabrics. Having a good

sewing basket is essential for home sewers. Here's a few tips what it should contain.

Choose a good sewing basket to hold your equipment in. You can get a nice plastic box with separate compartments for needles and thread, these are perfect.

Any box with small compartments will work fine. The more compartments the better for me. I like a nice organized sewing box, where I can see everything.

The sewing basket should contain all your sewing accessories, the basics like scissors. A good sharp pair should be available. There’s nothing more

frustration than trying to cut thread with blunt scissors, I know, I've done it many times. I can still remember when I bought my first pair of professional

Sewing scissors, how wonderful it was to see thread cut as soon as the scissors touched it.

The next basic item in your sewing accessories inventory is an assortment of pins and needles. You'll have a variety of needles and pins of all sizes. In the

old days a pin cushion was the best way to store pins and needles. Today you have other choices. Many people like to use a magnetic pin and needle holder and

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