Thursday, 14 June 2012

Useful Tips on Sewing Machine Repairs

if you own a sewing machine, you can easily design, alter or repair clothes right in the comforts of your home. However, if you work as seamstress, you should stay ready for all eventualities, including breaking of your machine. You cannot do any work without your machine, so it is useful if you learn some basic machine repairs that you can do at home.

Although most machines come with a warranty for certain period, but it is not always practical to send it away for repair to a service point. In some cases, the repairs in your sewing machine are just minor and can be carried out at home even with a little know how.

Basic maintenance of sewing machines can resolve most of the issues that you may be facing, including seizures or loud noises. In some cases, just oiling the problematic parts can resolve the issue and you won't need extensive machine repairs. Especially when you have a quality machine model that is heavy, sending it far away for repairs can be quite cumbersome. Before packing of your sewing machine to send it away for repairs, you can try some basic repairs at home. This will not only save you some money, but hassles as well.

Unclogging the machine

Continued usage of a machine may lead to the accumulation of considerable amount of lint, and depending upon the quality of threat that you are using, your sewing machine may get clogged within hours. In some cases, thread can also collect around bobbin and chamber. It can be pulled from both these areas using tweezers, or a hand held vacuum that is equipped with a special brush for clearing lint build up.

It is important that you unclog your machine of all build up and debris before lubricating it. Proper oiling of machine is essential to keep up its correct functioning. However, you just need small amounts of high quality machine oil and you must make sure that your machine is completely clean before oiling it.
Tightening up the screws of your sewing machine.

Another sewing machine repair that you can easily carry out at home include tightening up any visible bolts and screws. Bolts and screws in any working machinery will get loose with time, and this will cause your machine to rattle unnecessarily. However, you should not over tighten the machine screws, just until you feel them grip with mild resistance.

Allow the machine to cool

Another useful tip for repairing your machine is not to overwork your sewing machine. Continued usage with heavy material can overheat your sewing machine, especially when it has not been properly oiled or there are fibers caught in its bobbin. If you feel something is burning or your appliance is unusually warm, you should simply unplug it and leave it to cool for a while.

With the help of these tips, you can easily keep up your machine in top working condition for years. However, if you feel that it won't be possible for you to carry out some sewing machine repairs at home, you can get in touch with professionals who can do all simple to complex repairs to make sure smooth operation of your machine.

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